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a date and a missing tarantula.


What the hell. This blog hasn’t even started yet and it’s ending too soon? It’s not like I’m giving up. Nononono. It just so happens that, Matthiew– my supposed to be one true love has a date this coming Tuesday.

A date.


Who is this little bitch? To be honest, I really have no clue as to who it is. I’m hoping that this woman turns out to be his sister or better yet, his mom or grandma. But let’s get real here, he’s fifteen for crying out loud! Who the heck has a date with his mom/nana/sis nowadays? Oh wait..


But that’s not my point! (Sorry, Jason. Please don’t kill me.)

What I’m really trying to say is… That bitch is going down.

. : : . . : : .

On a more serious note– though, I was kind of serious in taking that hoe down, my one year old (i think) tarantula has gone missing. At first I got panicky and sweaty, but after realizing that she (yes, it’s a she! her name’s CL) was only limited to crawling in my room, I was like, “allizwell, allizwell.” She can’t get too far.

Speaking of tarantulas, did you guys know that they’re the symbol of our love? No kidding.

It all started during November of the previous year. I was browsing through pictures of chameleons in thoughts of buying one for myself, when Matthiew suddenly told me that he, too, was interested in exotic animals. Would you look at that, we do have something in common after all. We spent the rest of the evening chatting on facebook about exotic animals like leopard geckos, chameleons, bearded dragons, hedgehogs and tarantulas. He told me that I wasn’t fit for taking care of a chameleon (that little prick), but after some insults and curses, he took back what he said. Anyway, it was as if a lightbulb went off at the side of his head when he said,

“Oy Kim, let’s buy tarantulas instead!”

He wanted us to have the same pets. Smileyface. Smileyface.

After awhile, we then bought our own tarantulas. The pet store owner advised us not to take the male tarantulas because they were much more aggressive and harder to take care of, knowing that both of us are still beginners at this, so with no other choice we both got females. And we can’t let them breed, damnit. But hey! Maybe they can be lesbian for each other, who knows? Winkwink.

Now that our/my lovechild/tarantula is missing, it’s like I let Matthiew down. It’s like losing his and my baby, and that’s really not nice. But knowing my daughter/tarantula, she doesn’t have the guts to rebel against her mom. She’s not like any other girl/tarantula, She’s– Okay, what the hell am I talking about?

I just hope she comes back soon.

Here are some pictures of his tarantula, Katy, and my CL.


That’s Katy.

&this is CL. (she’s like 3x bigger than Katy.)


That’s Matthiew’s hand bytheway. This was taken during the time when I told him to babysit CL for awhile because my house was undergoing renovation and I was afraid that she’d get stressed over the noise.

and this…


is something that I’ll treasure forever.

 Though it happened months ago, I just thought that I’d share this little, precious memory and no, he’s not emo or anything, he was just over reacting that he had to cross a busy highway. I have this tendency to panic whenever I cross the street, so maybe I rubbed off a little on him? Hahaha.


an optimist and a believer.


To be frank, I really don’t know how to start this but…

Hello & Welcome to my blog!

As I desperately strive my way out of The Friend Zone, I shall record of what happened, be it humiliating or not, here in this blog of mine. You may think that this is silly, but I agree with you. Because sometimes, people just have to do crazy stuff in love– my parents are no exception.

. : : . . : : .

For almost more than three years, I have been chasing the same guy. I can’t say nothing happened because something definitely did. Or atleast that’s what I think. He knows very well that I like him, and I know very well that he only thinks of me as a friend. Now that our days in high school are almost coming to an end (which is next year!), I wonder if we could really happen, or if it’s just a love that could have been.