my friend’s dad & I & profanities.


Last night, I ranted to my friends about having not enough money to buy myself a new phone. I sent them messages about how being penniless is hard, and stuff like that. My messages were so full of hate that it contained not one, but a dozen of curse words. I don’t know how I did it but I successfully cramped up a hell lot of profanity in just a single sentence. (Though that’s nothing to be proud of, really.)

Apparently, one of my friends’ dad read the message and he scolded me. Through text messaging. How unbelievable is that? “Who is this? How dare you send my daughter that message you rude child.” He replied, and I was just like woaaaaah. I was just so mindblown.

First I panicked. I thought, What if he’s gonna barge in my house and tell my parents? What if he’s gonna complain to the school? What if I get expelled?

And it took me about half a minute to realize how stupid I just sounded. And it took me another half a minute thinking about how I can get away, unscathed.

(Deny, deny, deny…)

I texted back with a, “Who is this? Isn’t this to be [insert random girl’s name here]’s phone?” I hesitated at first before sending, wondering what would happen if he wouldn’t believe me. But I still sent it despite knowing that I could get into a much more problematic situation.

“No, this is her dad.” He instantly replied. I didn’t know which one was worse; her dad reading the message or her mom. But either way, both of them reading the message I sent her was still embarassing.

“Oh. I got the wrong number. Wrong send, sorry.” I lied and he never replied back. Did he just fall for it? He never replied back, so I’m assuming he did. A couple more minutes passed by until I let out a shaky breath. Thank God that’s over.

Even though I got away with the situation, I still feel ashamed for being caught cursing– by an adult nonetheless. It made me feel dirty and just bad, which kind of sucks.

But anyways, from now on I’ll remember not to send her any messages. Especially the ones that contain profanity. Fml.


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