the magic of believing in who you are.


So, I’ve got myself an experience that totally made me boil in anger. It involves the supposed to be love of my life, a degrading insult and the fact that he had no right to degrade me.

How would you feel when a boy calls you a slut for the fun of it?

So I’ve been label as to such, and here’s what I personally think of it.

“What a dumb and rude thing to say.”


“Um, I don’t know how to feel.”

“I really have no idea how your parents brought you up. They must’ve regretted using a broken rubber for bringing you into this world.”

“I don’t want to waste my time talking to a pathetic and brainless piece of sht like you..”

“Me? A slut? You must be gay.”

They didn’t really make up for the insult he called me, but I shouldn’t be offended because I know that I am not what he called me.
Though it kind of stings a little, I stopped myself from being affected and all because everything he said was just cheap bull.

A girl is not a slut when she isn’t. And instead of cussing directly to his face, I resorted a less bloody and violent way of sending him a message of how I feel.

I blocked him in facebook, deleted his number and cut all ties with him because there is no way in hell that I would want to associate with a brainless and pathetic guy like him.

So anywaaays, what I really want to say is that the only person who knows you best is yourself (and probably your mom, but that doesn’t apply to some situations.) and you can either choose to believe the things people say about you and rot your life in misery or just don’t give a rat’s ass about what they say. Besides, you’re not the only who believes in yourself.

So, in conclusion, as a normal, sane human being who has the right mind when dealing with these kinds of things, I decided that Matthiew can go screw with himself. His loss for losing such a fine piece of meat such as myself. Goodbye asshole.

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  1. That sort of thing also happened to me when my crush who I’ve liked for years (we ended up going to different high schools though) called me a b*tch when we were chatting online. I was really shocked because that was the first time I was being called a b*tch but it turned out that he said it for fun and he was pretty casual about saying stuff like that. I was kinda disappointed though because I thought he was better than that

  2. Some guys think that they can call girls whatever they want and get away with it.
    When I was in 8th grade, I remember my best friend’s mother phoning and telling me that my bestie wasnt eating anything much and that she spent most of her locked in her room crying and that she never spoke to her parents or siblings. Her mother asked me to talk to her and find out what her problem was.
    At first, I thought it might have been a breakup with her boyfriend. But once she finally opened up to me, I was shocked! She said that her boyfriend called her a fat and ugly b*tch said that she’d better stick to him because apparently no one else would be as kind as him to have her as their girlfriend.
    And hearing this, my bestie thought that she was really fat and hence, stopped eating much.
    I was thoroughly disgusted. My friend was slightly on the chubby side, but she was the cute chubby.
    I told my friend to breakup with him and in my presence, she did so through phone.
    The next day, when he confronted her on the way to school, he started accusing her of being a cheating sl*t. I am proud to say this, I punched him right on the face (it might have hurt him at least a bit coz his nose started bleeding) and then told him to stay away from her and if he did not heed this warning, he might get kicked in his uh, sensitive parts, courtesy of yours truly. 😉
    That did really teach him a lesson, he and his gang of friends did stay away from me and my friend. 🙂

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