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What I really want to do.


I swear, when I turn 18 I’m going have the time of my life. I’m going to meet lots and lots of people and listen to their stories. I’m gonna make friends and they’ll listen to mine. I’ll probably do something stupid in the midst of it all, as long as no on gets hurts, evrything’s gonna be alright. I’ll do my best to every challenge I will be facing so that I won’t have troubles sleeping at night thinking of what ifs and could have beens. I’ll laugh and cry at the same time, spending days with the best people ever. I’m gonna fall in and out of love all over again and finally undestand how the male brain works. I won’t think about how imperfect or how one girl is prettier and better than me, I’m gonna accept and love myself so that society would accept me in return. I know I will have failures, but I’ll share them to the world and laugh along with everyone instead of crying myself to sleep. And when I finally feel myself fading, I’m gonna remember all the good times and tell myself that my existence is real and I lived one hell of a life.


Bringing The One-Sided Love To An End


Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like reaching an unreachable star from afar. That is how I look at it; chasing the unchasable with all your might but still end up empty-handed.

Sure, the love I feel makes me happy but deep inside, when I try to think of it and examine the whole situation, I am actually bleeding because  I am fully aware that he will never be mine, NEVER…

People may call me stupid for loving a man who doesn’t love me back. But I think that is what happens when you surrender everything to the thing called love, you make yourself blind and deaf. But love isn’t always like this of course, this is just one of the many faces of Love.

One-sided love…a term that was once alien to my ears but now, I completely understand what that term means. Giving everything to someone…

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an optimist and a believer.


To be frank, I really don’t know how to start this but…

Hello & Welcome to my blog!

As I desperately strive my way out of The Friend Zone, I shall record of what happened, be it humiliating or not, here in this blog of mine. You may think that this is silly, but I agree with you. Because sometimes, people just have to do crazy stuff in love– my parents are no exception.

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For almost more than three years, I have been chasing the same guy. I can’t say nothing happened because something definitely did. Or atleast that’s what I think. He knows very well that I like him, and I know very well that he only thinks of me as a friend. Now that our days in high school are almost coming to an end (which is next year!), I wonder if we could really happen, or if it’s just a love that could have been.